MGSFlood Download

Installation Instructions.

  1. Click the download link and save the zip file to a temporary folder on your computer.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Double click setup.exe to run the setup routine.
  4. You may delete the installation files after running the installation.
Download Link
Release Notes ReleaseNotes4.58.pdf

MGSFlood Evaluation License

Please contact Support to Request an Evaluation License:

Spreadsheet Tools

The Tools below are offered without warrantee. While all attempts have been made to ensure they are error free, the user is solely responsible for their use and ensuring that results are reasonable.

SlottoSlottoCircular - Spreadsheet for determining an equivalent system of circular orifices that mimics the behavior of the vertical slot orifice returned by the MGSFlood optimize
PondHydraulics - Spreadsheet for developing rating table for pond/vault.  Resulting table may be copied to MGSFlood for analysis
PondPipe- Spreadsheet computes an elevation/volume rating for a horizontal pipe. The required storage volume at the overflow riser crest is obtained from MGSFlood for a prismatic pond. The spreadsheet can be used to size a horizontal pipe vault to obtained the required storage volume.