MGS Software, LLC.

MGS Software, develops and markets hydrologic engineering and statistical software.

Our Software Products Include

  • MGSFlood - Continuous Hydrologic Model for Stormwater
    Facility Design
  • L-RAP - Statistical Analysis Program utilizing L-Moments
  • SEFM, Stochastic Event Flood Model - Used to
    Develop Magnitude-Frequency Estimates for Floods for
    Hydrologic Risk Assessments at Dams, Nuclear Plants, and
    Levee Systems

MGS Engineering Consultants, Inc

specializes in applications of surface water hydrology usingdeterministic, probabilistic and risk-based approaches.

Surface Water Analysis Applications Include:

  • Hydrologic Risk Assessment for Dams and Nuclear Facilities,
  • Stormwater Treatment Facility Analysis and Design,
  • Precipitation Magnitude-Frequency Analyses Using
    Regional L-Moments

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