MGSFlood Features
Drag and Drop Graphical Interface,
Computes Facility Flow Duration Compliance per the 2012 Ecology Manual
Extended 5-minute precipitation time series for most of Puget Sound and the City of Seattle suitable for conveyance design,
“Single Click” pond and infiltration trench sizing and Optimization routine,
GSI Simulation, Including Bio-Retention, Green Roof, and Porous Pavement
Simulation of stream channels with complex shapes, including floodplains,
Routines for performing Wetland Hydroperiod Analyses,
Computes Water Quality Treatment Design Parameters (Volume and Discharge rate)
Routines for Computing and Graphing Streamflow frequency, duration statistics, and hydrographs
Exports storm hydrographs to routing programs such as SWMM Extran
Seasonal Flood Frequency and Duration Statistics Useful for Construction Management

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MGSFlood Graphical Interface for Large Complex Watershed
MGSFlood Main Program Interface
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